Charlie Stone Standup Comedian

Charlie Stone


Charlie Stone stand up comedian is based in Las Vegas, known for his random off-beat views on everything from politics and dating to the cost of fast food and the absurdity of police officers riding on Segway scooters, enjoys trying to find ways to connect with any audience for whom he performs.

Charlie’s favorite part of comedy is the challenge of making different audiences laugh regardless if they are black or white, young or old, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, or Scientologist.

His favorite president is Grover Cleveland, he thinks the best Starburst is the pink one (and he’s secure enough to admit it) and his goal in life is to be the first person to ever be reigning Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World and supreme court justice at the same time.


Charlie Stone stand up comedian

Where is Charlie Today?

Visit his Facebook Page or send him an email to find out where he is performing today. He is much better at being entertaining than he is at posting his shows.

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